Among the provisional and exceptional measures in force pending the state of emergency, we would like to further highlight, the following:

  • the authorities are authorized to request to electronic communication operators detailed records of telephone calls and other support items exclusively for purposes of tracing citizens suspected of being infected by, or confirmed cases of, COVID-19, and their contact details;
  • state bodies will adopt their own specific operation procedures, but must ensure minimum services;
  • as of October, in person school activities are permitted  – at all levels of education, either in public and private establishments – and public or private vocational training centers are also allowed to operate;
  • as of 19 September, the practices for all federate sporting categories are permitted. Federated competitions are authorised from 17 October onwards, and must be held without audience and in accordance with the rules of biosafety and social distancing;
  • the performance of individual sporting activities in open spaces is allowed from 5.30 a.m. to 9.00 p.m. These activites cannot congregate more than 5 persons;
  • prohibition of political events and activities, meetings and protests with more than 150 people;
  • prohibition of recreational and leisure activities on the public highway or in public spaces, namely, the access and use of public beaches and swimming pools, naval clubs and marinas (when used for recreational purposes);
  • services and religious celebrations are allowed and religious cerimonies may occur up to 4 times per week;
  • the marketing and consumption of alcoholic beverages on public roads is prohibited;
  • retired doctors and nurses may be subject to civil requisition, save for those who are vulnerable to the pandemic;
  • the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, in liaison with the Superior Councils of the Judicial Magistracy and the Public Prosecutor’s Office must make the adequate arrangements to ensure effective access to justice and the courts; and
  • the media, both public and private, remain in operation.





This information is being updated on a regular basis.

The information provided and the opinions expressed herein have been prepared with the help of VdA Legal Partners and are of a general nature. They are not in lieu of appropriate legal advice in connection with specific cases.